Case Studies

  • Whiskey and Ice and All things Nice!

    It is the most common question the Bright Sparks team are asked. “What is new and hasn’t been done before?” or “We want something that will surprise people and they won’t expect”. This is why we love branded merchandise. We believe at Bright Sparks the use of promotional products is the only form of advertising the can hit all 5 senses. People can see, touch, feel, hear and often smell the product. Giving it a tactile and lasting effect long after the excitement of receiving it fades. Our client Summit Real Estate wanted this very approach. Something that their staff would value, had a true use of and would have a lasting effect. The catch, we had a very quick turn around time and looking at producing a bespoke promotional product off shore was not feasible. The team were tasked to create a product that ticked all the boxes and could be delivered fast, and we mean fast! This development lead to a beautiful crystal whiskey decanter set incorporating a 2 piece Whiskey decanter and boxed set of 6 tumblers. Strategically branded to offer a subtle and elegant finish this product offered our client and its recipients a gift that’s value was high, its quality was exceptional and most importantly was truly appreciated.
  • Keeping it fresh!

    At Bright Sparks we love collaborating with our clients and factories developing new bespoke promotional merchandise. However, there is no point re writing the rule book with design if it’s not possible to be manufactured or pass mandatory product safety compliance tests. When we develop new concepts we consider everything from design, production, branding possibilities, flexibility and functionality to ensure the final product meets all the varying requirements. At Bright Sparks we partner with global brands managing the whole process from concept through to delivery. Our affiliation with K9 Natural Pet Food recently brought the team to sit around the table with the task of creating a lid for pet food cans that was flexible yet durable, met food safety standards, could fit 3 different size cans but not be too big, split delivery to 2 different countries and print multiple logo’s. The variables in this brief were extensive and there were a lot of factors to be mitigated and worked through to ensure we were delivering a functional product that added value to our client while being produced within a specific budget and delivery time frame. It is here, Bright Sparks 21 years of trading and relationships with our factories becomes paramount in the successful delivery to our clients. We worked closely with hand picked factories of which the Bright Sparks team meet annually in China to develop this product. Development was refined through a stringent process of visual mock ups, pre production sampling, product inspections and material testing. Maddy Sure of K9 explains, "Bright Sparks were really easy to work with and their great communication with us throughout the project meant we knew we were in safe hands". This gift with purchase has been well received from the many K9 Pet Food users with it delivering a functional and valued gift helping to build brand awareness, brand value and keeping your pet food fresh! "We wanted a gift with purchase that was premium like our brand and we were really happy with the outcome - not to mention our customers love them!”, Maddy continues. Bright Sparks is proud to partner with K9 Natural Food click here for more information on their fantastic range!
  • Re-working a classic

    When Hellers came to us wanting a Rubik’s cube with a twist, we knew this was a great opportunity to mix up a classic. Next year marks 40 years since the Rubik’s cube was invented, so what better time to give it a fresh new look? Working with Hellers, it was important to deliver something that communicated the message behind their new product range and tied in with their existing brand. When Hellers came to us with some creative imagery, the Bright Sparks team were immediately excited. Having the scope to deliver promotional merchandise that’s outside the box puts us right in our element. We needed to work carefully to translate the imagery along each side of the box and ensure a clean fit within the tiled format. After finalising the artwork from Hellers, it was time to identify and minimise the risks of the job. We needed to know the reworked cube wasn’t going to literally (or conceptually) fall apart. We got to work in qualifying the best supplier to bring this product to life. It’s during jobs like this when our long history with trusted suppliers in China proves its worth. It takes out the guess work. Our close supplier relationships mean we are involved in quality control measures at every step. The team went through pre-production sampling, quality inspections mid-way through and post-production checks to ensure the end result was a durable product that delivered on the vision for the client. Proactive risk control is an integral part of successfully delivering branded merchandise. This is a big part of how Bright Sparks work with our suppliers to give each client reassurance and peace of mind. When the product hits their office there are only good ‘surprises’. The Heller’s cube has arrived this month and we are wrapped with the final outcome. A classic idea tweaked to create something that’s 100% bespoke.
  • More than a CatWalk

    Since early 2016, Bright Sparks has been working with the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust to boost engagement among existing CatWalk members and build wider community awareness of the charity. Founded in 2005, CatWalk supports, promotes and raises funds for research into a cure for spinal cord injury (SCI). Bright Sparks worked alongside CatWalk to identify awareness building opportunities before developing a core range of products. CatWalk relationship manager, Chris Lovelady reflects on the process “With a new logo rolled out on the 10th anniversary in 2015, we needed some merchandise for our supporters to access. After the initial chat with Bright Sparks, we felt immediately at ease with what was on offer and that it would be in keeping with our image and profile.” The next challenge was meeting the budget constraints that come with running a charity. Chris explains “Being a charity, we are always mindful of our budget and Bright Sparks worked really hard for us to ensure we could meet our target.” Bright Sparks called on our existing supply partners who supported us in minimising the costs. This meant we could deliver on the promise without blowing the budget. Understanding client needs is crucial in our ability to deliver purposeful, effective merchandise. Each client has a different set of variables at play and there are many influences dictating where your organisational priorities may lie. Some clients will have a specific budget while others might have an urgent delivery date. For some clients, environmental impact is an important part of their brand that needs to be reflected in the promotional merchandise we offer. Working closely with each client is paramount to successful promotional merchandising. Forming a relationship with our clients and learning what makes them tick lets us build on existing brands to ultimately add value. Identifying important factors for CatWalk enabled the team at Bright Sparks to work within the budget without compromising on quality. Chris says “The merchandise looks great and has already had positive feedback when given to our ambassadors. By generating interest in our brand our aim is to engage people in learning more about CatWalk and SCI in New Zealand. We have world-class researchers working right here to find a cure and get people out of wheelchairs and walking again.” Bright Sparks is proud to work alongside companies like CatWalk who are making a real difference to New Zealanders lives. If you would like to learn more about CatWalk or help support this wonderful community get in contact today!
  • Auto Emergency Hammer

    Ever been the first to arrive at a car crash? If a car is flipped or a passenger is constrained by their seat belt, an emergency hammer is a small, easy to use tool to help someone out of a damaged vehicle. Hammers of this kind have been popular with motorists overseas due to their small size and ease of use. Preventing and recovering from car crashes is an inescapable part of driving on New Zealand roads. The ministry of transport recorded over 1200 injury causing crashes in New Zealand in the past 12 months. Through first aid training, defensive driving, and simply being prepared; we can all contribute to safer roads. At Bright Sparks, we’re all about providing branded merchandise with a purpose. In line with this, we now offer a range of emergency hammers that can be custom branded to your company specs. The hammers feature a carbon or alloy steel head designed to quickly break a car window in the event of a crash.
  • Pump Screen & Lens Cleaner

    A brand new promotional product to the New Zealand market, and exclusive to Bright Sparks. The Pump Screen & Lens Cleaner is idea for clients that are looking for a low price, novel and new IT item. The price is great, and as in stock in New Zealand delivery is only two weeks. Are you launching a new app? Do you have a website or digital promotion? Do you want to market to some one that owns a cell phone, tablet, computer or glasses? The gory details… 18ml pump action cleaner for screens, lenses and eyewear. Features a unique built in microfiber cloth along with ingredients information on one side of the container. White with grey microfibre cloth. Branding area is 60mm x 18mm Min order: 100pcs Price: $2.95 each including branding Set up: $75.00
  • Sublimated Apparel equals Sublime Performance

    Having been established in 1998 the MUSB Touch team has been through their fair share of branded clothing. When talking to founding member Tom Kitson there was a long list – personalised t-shirts, branded bags, promotional drink bottles, AS Colour t-shirts and AS Colour hoodies, and Biz Collection items to name a few. This season with a change of module the team wanted to also make a change with their on-field apparel so enlisted the services of Bright Sparks. Bright Sparks suggested a sublimated solution - which allows Bright Sparks to order apparel styles from a minimum of 6pcs, unlimited branding colours, and fast delivery from our factory in China. The team has never looked back, going undefeated since donning the new gear, much like the Mighty Ducks (the sequel).
  • Full size Foosball Table

    The great thing about Bright Sparks being in the promotional products industry is that we are always working on and seeing new products, new marketing ideas and cool new corporate gifts. New promotional products come in all shapes and sizes, this one being a full size Foosball Table, with full colour branding. The minimum order is only 100pcs. They are not cheap, but whenever was something this cool, cheap? We see this as a great trade give away, spend X amount with us this month and go into the draw to win…or even for a University looking to make a statement in a high school common room.
  • NZ Ski Bags

    NZ Ski owns and operates three of the very best ski fields in New Zealand, The Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt. Like all forward thinking businesses, they differentiate themselves from the competition with their customer service. As part of that service level Bright Sparks was commissioned to create a bag that skiers and boarders can use on the mountain to carry ski jackets and boots. We needed size, but we also needed strength & water proofing – enter our laminated poly proprolene creation, ticking all the boxes. Our bag factory in Ningbo has every certification there is, works off low min orders, and within reason we can create anything you want. (Bright Sparks translation) = we can make your $2 bag look like it is worth $10 and you don’t need to order that many.
  • Headwear

    As a Branded Merchandise company we know the merchandise we do needs to be on point. Hence the Pom Pom Beanie with leather badge is already on order for next winter. Lets be honest, a decent part of the Christchurch summer as well. Four of our team visited our headwear factory in Shenzhen in April this year, so caps, beanies, bucket hats and any other headwear is a product category that we know well. Min order for cool custom headwear is only 100pcs, and delivery 6 weeks.
  • We are fans of this one!

    We won't deny it, the Bright Sparks team are fans of this new item. Summer is on it's way, so what better way to keep your brand fresh than a USB fan? This is branded merchandise at its best. Great price, fast delivery, creative, new and a good brand area. CPIT has to be the coolest Polytechnic in new Zealand.
  • 2015 Cup Pin

    Addington raceway was looking to engage with its clientele leading into cup week and create a funding stream for their charity of choice, the Ronald McDonald House. They were looking for something low cost, that fits with their demographic and could be available for sale. Bright Sparks came up with a metal pin and decided on putting it on a full colour custom backing card, so the message was much larger. The custom lapel pins are sold at the races for $5 with 50% of the proceeds being donated to the Ronald McDonald House South Island. These began back in 2012 and by putting the year of the cup on the pin it has become a bit of a collector’s item. If your company is after an effective way to raise awareness, acquire income or engage your clientele custom metal pins are a great way to go.