Sublimated Apparel equals Sublime Performance


Having been established in 1998 the MUSB Touch team has been through their fair share of branded clothing. When talking to founding member Tom Kitson there was a long list – personalised t-shirts, branded bags, promotional drink bottles, AS Colour t-shirts and AS Colour hoodies, and Biz Collection items to name a few.

This season with a change of module the team wanted to also make a change with their on-field apparel so enlisted the services of Bright Sparks.

Bright Sparks suggested a sublimated solution - which allows Bright Sparks to order apparel styles from a minimum of 6pcs, unlimited branding colours, and fast delivery from our factory in China. The team has never looked back, going undefeated since donning the new gear, much like the Mighty Ducks (the sequel).