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Corporate gift ideas for all occasions

Order glassware or mugs for your own office and staff usage - perfect for keeping a consistent brand throughout your work environment.

For corporate gift ideas that have real impact, view our selection of corporate gifts today. Alpha Promotions has sourced a comprehensive range of gifts with your clients, staff and customers in mind. The right gift has strong impact and can build on the existing professional relationship. Unsure of which gift says it all? Contact us at Alpha Promotions today as it’s not always easy to come up with good corporate gift ideas.

When it comes to regular corporate gifts, Auckland and Christchurch Alpha Promotions warehouse facilities are handy for merchandising programmes. Promote your brand through sourcing and management of high-quality branded merchandise and products. Corporate gifts help to grow awareness of your business and add value to your brand by enhancing your customer experience.

Corporate gifts are the only form of adverting that people thank you for. Saying thank you to clients and staff is something that is under rated and often forgotten. Talk to us for inspiration for corporate gift ideas; you’re not limited to the office or desk items. There’s a range of lifestyle gifts – home and living (eg branded bags ), BBQ items, summer items. Think about a seasonal choice in corporate gifts; Auckland clients appreciate beach items at Christmas.
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