Keeping it fresh!

At Bright Sparks we love collaborating with our clients and factories developing new bespoke promotional merchandise. However, there is no point re writing the rule book with design if it’s not possible to be manufactured or pass mandatory product safety compliance tests. When we develop new concepts we consider everything from design, production, branding possibilities, flexibility and functionality to ensure the final product meets all the varying requirements.

At Bright Sparks we partner with global brands managing the whole process from concept through to delivery.

Our affiliation with K9 Natural Pet Food recently brought the team to sit around the table with the task of creating a lid for pet food cans that was flexible yet durable, met food safety standards, could fit 3 different size cans but not be too big, split delivery to 2 different countries and print multiple logo’s.

The variables in this brief were extensive and there were a lot of factors to be mitigated and worked through to ensure we were delivering a functional product that added value to our client while being produced within a specific budget and delivery time frame.

It is here, Bright Sparks 21 years of trading and relationships with our factories becomes paramount in the successful delivery to our clients. We worked closely with hand picked factories of which the Bright Sparks team meet annually in China to develop this product. Development was refined through a stringent process of visual mock ups, pre production sampling, product inspections and material testing. Maddy Sure of K9 explains, "Bright Sparks were really easy to work with and their great communication with us throughout the project meant we knew we were in safe hands".

This gift with purchase has been well received from the many K9 Pet Food users with it delivering a functional and valued gift helping to build brand awareness, brand value and keeping your pet food fresh! "We wanted a gift with purchase that was premium like our brand and we were really happy with the outcome - not to mention our customers love them!”, Maddy continues.

Bright Sparks is proud to partner with K9 Natural Food click here for more information on their fantastic range!