More than a CatWalk


Since early 2016, Bright Sparks has been working with the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust to boost engagement among existing CatWalk members and build wider community awareness of the charity. Founded in 2005, CatWalk supports, promotes and raises funds for research into a cure for spinal cord injury (SCI).

Bright Sparks worked alongside CatWalk to identify awareness building opportunities before developing a core range of products. CatWalk relationship manager, Chris Lovelady reflects on the process “With a new logo rolled out on the 10th anniversary in 2015, we needed some merchandise for our supporters to access. After the initial chat with Bright Sparks, we felt immediately at ease with what was on offer and that it would be in keeping with our image and profile.”

The next challenge was meeting the budget constraints that come with running a charity. Chris explains “Being a charity, we are always mindful of our budget and Bright Sparks worked really hard for us to ensure we could meet our target.” Bright Sparks called on our existing supply partners who supported us in minimising the costs. This meant we could deliver on the promise without blowing the budget.

Understanding client needs is crucial in our ability to deliver purposeful, effective merchandise. Each client has a different set of variables at play and there are many influences dictating where your organisational priorities may lie. Some clients will have a specific budget while others might have an urgent delivery date. For some clients, environmental impact is an important part of their brand that needs to be reflected in the promotional merchandise we offer. Working closely with each client is paramount to successful promotional merchandising. Forming a relationship with our clients and learning what makes them tick lets us build on existing brands to ultimately add value.

Identifying important factors for CatWalk enabled the team at Bright Sparks to work within the budget without compromising on quality. Chris says “The merchandise looks great and has already had positive feedback when given to our ambassadors. By generating interest in our brand our aim is to engage people in learning more about CatWalk and SCI in New Zealand. We have world-class researchers working right here to find a cure and get people out of wheelchairs and walking again.”

Bright Sparks is proud to work alongside companies like CatWalk who are making a real difference to New Zealanders lives. If you would like to learn more about CatWalk or help support this wonderful community get in contact today!