Re-working a classic

When Hellers came to us wanting a Rubik’s cube with a twist, we knew this was a great opportunity to mix up a classic. Next year marks 40 years since the Rubik’s cube was invented, so what better time to give it a fresh new look?

Working with Hellers, it was important to deliver something that communicated the message behind their new product range and tied in with their existing brand. When Hellers came to us with some creative imagery, the Bright Sparks team were immediately excited. Having the scope to deliver promotional merchandise that’s outside the box puts us right in our element. We needed to work carefully to translate the imagery along each side of the box and ensure a clean fit within the tiled format.

After finalising the artwork from Hellers, it was time to identify and minimise the risks of the job. We needed to know the reworked cube wasn’t going to literally (or conceptually) fall apart. We got to work in qualifying the best supplier to bring this product to life. It’s during jobs like this when our long history with trusted suppliers in China proves its worth. It takes out the guess work. Our close supplier relationships mean we are involved in quality control measures at every step. The team went through pre-production sampling, quality inspections mid-way through and post-production checks to ensure the end result was a durable product that delivered on the vision for the client.

Proactive risk control is an integral part of successfully delivering branded merchandise. This is a big part of how Bright Sparks work with our suppliers to give each client reassurance and peace of mind. When the product hits their office there are only good ‘surprises’.

The Heller’s cube has arrived this month and we are wrapped with the final outcome. A classic idea tweaked to create something that’s 100% bespoke.