Auto Emergency Hammer

Ever been the first to arrive at a car crash? If a car is flipped or a passenger is constrained by their seat belt, an emergency hammer is a small, easy to use tool to help someone out of a damaged vehicle. Hammers of this kind have been popular with motorists overseas due to their small size and ease of use.

Preventing and recovering from car crashes is an inescapable part of driving on New Zealand roads. The ministry of transport recorded over 1200 injury causing crashes in New Zealand in the past 12 months. Through first aid training, defensive driving, and simply being prepared; we can all contribute to safer roads.

At Bright Sparks, we’re all about providing branded merchandise with a purpose. In line with this, we now offer a range of emergency hammers that can be custom branded to your company specs. The hammers feature a carbon or alloy steel head designed to quickly break a car window in the event of a crash.