Whiskey and Ice and All things Nice!

It is the most common question the Bright Sparks team are asked. “What is new and hasn’t been done before?” or “We want something that will surprise people and they won’t expect”.

This is why we love branded merchandise. We believe at Bright Sparks the use of promotional products is the only form of advertising the can hit all 5 senses. People can see, touch, feel, hear and often smell the product. Giving it a tactile and lasting effect long after the excitement of receiving it fades.

Our client Summit Real Estate wanted this very approach. Something that their staff would value, had a true use of and would have a lasting effect. The catch, we had a very quick turn around time and looking at producing a bespoke promotional product off shore was not feasible. The team were tasked to create a product that ticked all the boxes and could be delivered fast, and we mean fast!

This development lead to a beautiful crystal whiskey decanter set incorporating a 2 piece Whiskey decanter and boxed set of 6 tumblers. Strategically branded to offer a subtle and elegant finish this product offered our client and its recipients a gift that’s value was high, its quality was exceptional and most importantly was truly appreciated.