Company Culture as a Point of Difference.

One of the highlights of our job is partnering with clients and suppliers that share our commitment to developing a strong company culture. It is something our team has worked very hard to create. It is this culture that drives our way of working and creates our point of difference. We’ve found culture provides a common vision throughout our organisation; from the higher level decision making right down to the day to day. When you get team buy-in to the company values, mission and vision, it creates a sense of ownership and pride in the work being done.

At Bright Sparks, our culture attracts companies that share our enthusiasm, inspire us to continue to improve and include us in the excitement of their own company’s success. Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to attend the Top 10 Holiday Parks annual conference as a preferred supplier. Many businesses reference their commitment to company culture but this event presented an opportunity to really see a well-developed culture in action.

So, what did we do? Well, the question is probably better phrased, what didn’t we do? We began with the opening nights sponsor’s drinks. The following day, we embarked on an Auckland wide treasure hunt before a nautical themed dinner (dress-up compulsory). The fabulous awards dinner on the final night rounded the whole thing off. It was a week packed full of fun.

The event blew us away in many ways, but the one thing that really stood out was the culture of the company. The conference celebrated the hard work and achievements of all 46 Top 10 Holiday Parks throughout New Zealand. It was a real eye opener and honour to be surrounded by people who had such enthusiasm, honesty, passion and pride for the company they represented.

Check out the highlights reel below to follow some of our time at the Top 10 Holiday Parks 2016 Conference.