5 Day Working Wardrobe

Whether you’re after a corporate look, apparel for a sports team or hospitality uniforms, Bright Sparks have comfortable, stylish apparel to suit. In line with our corporate clothing range, we’ve put together these top 5 tips for work week attire. Follow this guide to get through the week in style and avoid that ‘aaargh I don’t know what to wear’ moment.

Choose Your Colours

Pick some core colours that work together. Limiting your colour palette to a few of your favourites reduces the risk of ‘colour clash Friday’. By borrowing principles from the capsule wardrobe movement, you can get more variety without having a spending spree.

Think about finding separates in colours that complement each other. When buying a skirt or trousers, a good rule of thumb is that each bottom should work with at least 3 tops. This trick is ideal if you work on reception or in an office at a business with a corporate dress code.

The Shirt

A plain, well-tailored black or white shirt is timeless, versatile and works with just about anything. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”To change up a classic, experiment with rolling up the sleeves or pairing a buttoned-up collar with a statement necklace.

If you’re tasked with sourcing uniforms for hospitality, opt for shirts with concealed buttons to avoid the dreaded accidental button-pop. A Quay shirt, with the mandarin collar and hidden buttons, is a great option for comfort and freedom of movement in a busy environment.

The Pants

Choose tapered or cropped pants over a wide leg style. Fitted trousers are simply more practical and they work with both flats and heels. You’ll have more options to mix up your footwear and there’s less risk of damaging the hems. Plus, with a cropped pant, you can do a sneaky switch to flats after a long day in heels!

Experiment with Layers

New Zealand weather frequently throws us a curve ball, so layers are ideal. A cardigan on a cool Friday is also a great way to rework a look you wore earlier in the week. Remember you are far more aware of your outfit than anyone else. Layering is an easy way to get more wear from wardrobe staples throughout the week.

Make it Your Own

Even though you’re at work, you’re still you. Take the opportunity to add a personal touch. If you’re required to wear branded clothing or a uniform at work, make it your own with accessories and styling. A quick up-do and a pair of heels can go a long way to dressing up a basic look.

Planning a work uniform or need to update your teams branded clothing? Get in touch with the team at Bright Sparks for advice and supply on a range of wholesale apparel that’s made to order.